enhance the impact of your action
Innovation is a new way of thinking and doing something. Innovation are new ideas applied successfully. As our issues have become increasingly complex innovation is carried by interdisciplinary teams.

Connect the individual creativity of many
to constitute collective wisdom and forge an effective task force.

use case: It is understood that the company needs to innovate in order to survive in its highly competitive environment. Yet the team responsible for the implementation of innovation is stuck. Together with the innovation facilitator, management and team analyse the forces promoting and those deterring change. The blockades are deconstructed and the persons representing them integrated into the innovation process. Now the existing creative resources in the company can be activated, new skill sets developed and requisite disciplines recruited.
The LambdaTable is the highest-resolution tabletop display system in the world, with a combined resolution of 24 million pixels. The device supports multi-user interaction for collaborative investigation of 2D and 3D high-resolution data.
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