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The issues we face are complex in nature. We are in need of platforms to allow for the multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge and skills.

conferences, forums and lectures

• Max Ophüls Preis 2005, Saarbrücken
key note: "Film and Games“ and moderation of panel
• „Media meets Technology“, Adlershof, Berlin
lecture: „Games - Where Media and Technology meet“
• Braun-Feldweg Förderpreis für designkritische Texte 2006, UdK, Berlin
lecture: "Games - Designing an Experience“
• Gamestage 2007, Berlin
program design und conference moderation
• fmx07 / fmx08 / fmx09, Stuttgart
program design, lectures and conference moderation
• cartoon: train-the-trainer, Ludwigsburg
lecture: "Limitless - Animation Meets the WWW"
• "Dokville 2008, Ludwigsburg
lecture: "Media2.0 - Powerful Tools
• "free to play", Copenhagen
key note: "User Generated Content - community based media"
Hiroshi Tasaka is professor at the Tama University in Tokyo and also founder of SophiaBank, a global network think-tank. In his opinion, the biggest paradox of today's knowledge society is the fact that knowledge will actually lose value and wisdom management will be the really critical issue. In this video interview he explains why companies and organisations must open up to the web 2.0-triggered wisdom of the crowd and predicts the end of old-fashioned capitalism as we know it.
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