develop your professional and personal scope
I believe every one of us has a personal songline that wants to be walked and sung.
Songlines are dotted with encounters of the interpersonal, spiritual and intellectual kind. These encounters are stepping-stones in the emergence of our identity. They are the safe rocks we sit upon, the tumbling boulders that bury us, the cliffs we dare not climb, and the gravel that has polished our presence. An encounter with a coach may help you step back into your song and encourage you to follow it.

I coach individuals and teams from the creative industries
with focus on their professional and personal development.

My work is inspired by Focusing - Eugene Gendlin, Process Work - Arnold Mindell, Time to Think - Nany Kline or the principles of mindfulness - Tich Nhat Hanh. I have a coaching certificate from the South African School of Applied Psychology.
Walamundun-gari (follow along creek)
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